Green Screen background for photo booths

13th December 2016

Green screen is a great way to add more fun to your guests experiences of the photo booth.

The technology works by the camera software removing the green backdrop that hangs behind the guests in the booth and replaces it with a photo.

We put any image or photo in the background of your booth photos.

We already have a wide selection of different backgrounds to suit all needs – such as exotic locations to make your guests look like they are there – e.g tropical island views such as beaches. some others include sunset views.

If you want a famous landmark maybe the Las Vegas sign or the Eiffel Tower – we can do this as well. This is particularly fun if your heading of on honeymoon to these locations because it brings this theme into the wedding day.

Other backgrounds include various curtain colour drops and special effect backgrounds to add to the fun.

We set up initially so there are 4 different green screens in the background every time guests go into the booth so each photo looks different we then alternate the photos through the event to give the most dramatic effects.

Previously with our use of touchscreen TV guests could choose which background they wanted, but with experience this led to many pictures looking the same and meant longer queues for the photo booth as guests couldn’t decide on a photo background to choose.

The new system is much more effective and guests get a better experience of the surprise of the next background and means the booth runs quicker meaning more photos and happier guests

If all that isn’t enough for no additional charge you can request any background you wish for the booth.

For weddings Just let us know if there is a particular theme you have for your wedding, perhaps a colour theme for the wedding or indeed your favourite colours and we can source the right picture for you.

For corporate events we can add the company logo and background effects