• How much do you charge for travel?
    We only cover South Wales and we don’t charge for travel.
  • How much is deposit?
    Deposit is just £50, this secures your date. Full payment 1 month before event.
  • How do I book the booth?
    Firstly ‘contact us’ by email and if your date is available we’ll detail by email how to pay deposit
    We will then ask you to complete our Order Form.
  • How do I pay for the booth?
    You can pay by Credit/debit card, cheque, bank transfer or cash.
  • How long does it take to setup the booth?
    Setup and taking down takes 1 hour, we dont charge for this time.
  • How many can fit in the booth?
    We can fit at least 5-12 people in the booth depending which type is chosen.
  • What type of camera do you use?
    We use a quality DSLR camera.
  • What printer do you use?
    We use a professional high speed, quality dye sub printer for glossy durable and instant drying photos.
  • What does unlimited prints mean?
    We don’t impose a cap on the amount of photos we print at your event so guests get a single photo print every time they visit the booth and they can visit as many times as they like.
  • What does duplicate prints mean?
    We’ll print a duplicate print every time guests enter the booth so this can be used to go into your guest book or another print to give guests.
  • What does multi prints mean?
    We’ll print a print for every guests that enters the booth, so if there are six people in the booth we will print six photos plus one for your book.

    This is the ultimate print package !

  • What are the sizes of the photo booths?
    Oval booth – 2.4 (L) X 1.4 (W) X 2 (H) Metres

    Inflatable – 2.4 (L) X 2.4 (W) X 2.5 (H) Metres

    Fabric – 2.5 (L) X 1.5 (W) X 2 (H) Metres

    Large Fabric booth – 3 (L) X 3 (W) X 2 (H) Metres

  • Do guests have to pay for photos?
    No – What we offer is an all inclusive package that the bridge & groom/organiser decides upon.
    We only charge guests if that wants the organiser or bride/groom request.
  • Can the booth be setup outside?
    No, but it can go into a marquee providing it’s on flat and level hard ground with a close 13amp power supply.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes, we have full public liability insurance and equipment is PAT tested.
  • Does the booth accommodate a wheelchair?
    Yes, as the sides of Fabric booth are curtained. The Oval booth also accommodates a wheelchair but with less space.
  • I want a guest book in the package but want to use my own personal guest book. Is this OK?
    Yes, we have guest books available which are black and white in colour but if you want your own book to be used then that’s fine
  • I've liked page on Facebook and want to know more info about FREE photo booth promotion
    Yes, we have guest books available which are black and white in colour but if you want your own book to be used then that’s fine.
  • What is the free guest book special offer?
    At weddings its common for guest books to be used for guests to leave messages, but at parties its not so common. So we’re offering a free guest book with our packages so guests can leave a goodwill message. A photo print doesn’t go go into this type of guest book if you have the Bronze package.
  • What is the free gallery special offer?
    When a photo print is printed it displays the 4 photos Taken inside the booth in a collage format. (See Photobooth page for an example) this is called a gallery photo print. We now include original copies of the gallery prints on your USB alongside your standard photos. So you can make further copies of your prints in future should you wish. A gallery print should not be confused with an online photo gallery which is a service we offer for Gold & Platinum clients where photos are displayed online.