Art of the photo booth pose

9th February 2017

Since photo booths were first introduced and selfie’s becoming ever more popular photo booth pose’s have also changed. It’s become the norm to look your wackiest in the booth. However there is an art to getting the right look with the fancy dress props.

This is how the pros prepare:

If going in as a group decide on your positioning – who’s at the front, back and side of the photo booth, are you going to swap positions after each photo? Are you going to swap the fancy dress props your wearing?

Remember there are four photos so the pros always get their props ready before the photos start rolling, They combine glasses with wigs and hats, etc and swap looks between photo shots

Maybe you’ll act out for a photo booth action scene – maybe a gun slinging hold up!

Maybe you’ll go for a theme of funny poses – the serious look, funny faces, eyes closed, hysterical laughing

Perhaps an alien space encounter or a super hero look.

Or maybe you’ll just ignore the above and be a free spirit and go with the flow – grab a prop and strike a pose !