A Bigger Photo Booth

10th November 2016
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When we created our first booth we had no idea how many people would want to get in the booth in one go and share the experience

Over the years we’ve had plenty of different experiences of guest groups going into the booth.  It’s given us a good idea of how many guests the different sized booths can hold before it becomes to crowded.

The average group size is two persons and this is mostly couples, especially at wedding…but this doesn’t tend to last for long..

We tend to find that once guests have a few to drink they want to get in on the photo action with multiple couples and guests getting in the photo booth together. The numbers can quickly rise!

This we found is where we came up with idea of our bigger booth.

We didn’t just want a big booth however, we wanted a very large booth that we felt based on experience could comfortably take around 12 people.

This type of booth is ideal for weddings where you have photos opportunities with families all getting together, groups of friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen – where basically you don’t want groups to be separated.

At parties and proms groups of friends can all easily fit in and look silly together.

For the very best result with the larger booth you combine it with the multi print add on option because this then means that even if you have a group of 12 guests going into the booth together – every one of them gets a print to take away with them and remember the moment.

The larger booth measures 2×2 metres, takes up to 12 guests and costs £20 extra on your package price.